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Metropolitan dates back to the early 50’s. It used to be a campsite where most of the residents were performers who would stay for a certain period of time then move on.

As years went by, it changed, and residents stayed on a more permanent basis. This led to the expansion of the park.

This community has changed owners several times and in April, 1995 was sold to Leonard Leeds. It is now under the name Metropolitan Associates, Ltd.

The community is comprised of two hundred thirty-seven (237) mobile home sites, a building which houses a convenience store and two apartments, a house for the head of service and maintenance, and various amenities.

The Park has a General Manager who oversees the whole administration and operations. There is also an Office Assistant to help with the day to day office work.

The Park has a Service and Maintenance Manager who oversees the total service and maintenance of the Park. He also has staff to help him.